Žovnek (manor)

19th century

After the year 1816 Jožef Čokl noble Ruhethal, at the time the owner of Žovnek dominion (the castle), build a new residential object (Novi Žovnek (New Žovnek), also named Ruhethal) and new outbuildings on an extensive terrace in the valley. This manor offered more comfort than the residents could enjoy on the castle.
Later owners of the manor were: in 1838 Ignac Oblak, followed by Jožef Krüger-Schuh, baron Ferdinand Bischof Widderstein between 1840 and 1848, then dr.Franc Archer, followed by baron Karel Schweiger between 1853 and 1855, then from 1855 until 1857 Viljem Ressel, followed by count Bissingen, in 1860 and 1861 count Stadion, then until 1897 family Göttmann noble Götzberg, baron Cnoblock from 1897 until 1910 and then until 1920 his widow, followed by her adopted foster child. Before the last war the manor was in posession of Westen industrialist from Celje. The manor was also a headquarters of enlistment office for asessment of national servicemen and a headquarters of tax office, from 1825 on the land register and until mid 19th century also a headquarters of court of justice for death sentences.

The manor, which was designated as a mansion after World War II is 3x9 axial, single-storey building with no basement, built on rectangulat ground plan. Courtyard facade is linked with risalit, decorated with pilasters in a floor height, which is emphasized with agitated forehead. Ground floor is rustical, first floor is smooth - enriched by window frames with triangular and segmented foreheads. At the start of the side, which is looking towards descending slope, a balcony with balustraded balcony fence is leaning on the buiding. Entrance to the ground floor is through stone portal of "savinja" type. Ground floor is arched, entrance hallway has three richly profiled, gothic, bended on a donkey's back portals. Old wooden panellings are preserved here, which can also be found on a staircase and in the hall of the second floor - which is decorated with cofferedwooden ceiling.
Manor was renewed in 1986 and appartments are now inside.

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N 46° 16.609' E 15° 1.787'


Western wall of the manor
Eastern wall
Southern wall
Rare beech tree with sagging branches in a front of a manor
Well in front of a manor
Remains of the park west from manor
Tree avenue of horse chestnut trees east from manor on a way to the castle
Novi Žovnek, Reichert's collored lithography of classicistic architecture from 1865, published in IIIrd book of Einst u. Jetzt's album
(unfortunately I don't have any information about the author of this image)