Vitanje (borough manor)

15th century

Already in 1404 is in land register of Vitanje testified bishops office of Krško - curia episcopalis which through time has grown into a manor. Preserved information about a lightning destroying on 18th of July 1748 newer Vitanje castle along with the dominion house in the borough, which was supposedly before that bought by borough residents, cannot be reliably connected to this building. In any case this building went through many reconstruction works in 19th century and which were not necessarily the result of fire. According to other sources borough manor took over administrative-economic functions of the castle after its abolishment. It remained as a property of diocese until 1783; in the same year Marija Jožef baron noble Dienersberg bought the manor from church of Krško. In 1785 its owner became Jernej Ks. Schwarz and then in the same year Janez Mihael Čiček noble Vitanjski, in 1799 Maks Jožef noble Lenzendorf, in 1812 Anton Franc knight noble Lenzendorf, in 1815 Maks knight noble Lenzendorf, in 1819 Anton Franc Ks. Mulley, in 1831 Jožef Steinauer, who was at the time owner of ironworks near Vitanje, after his death in 1868 his son-in-law Edvard Mulley followed by his son having the same name. Also a seat of provincial court-of-law was in the building.

Nowadays office of Municipality of Vitanje resides in the manor, registry office and library and in added wing apartments.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Prekmurjem in porečjem Dravinje", Založba Park, Ljubljana, 1991, ISBN /
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Občina Vitanje
Grajski trg 1
3205 Vitanje
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GPS coordinates:
N 46° 22.879' E 15° 17.657'


View from south
The manor is imposing two-storeyed building with steep roof located on dominant place at the juncture of borough place with the road leading towards Slovenj Gradec
At the western part of the building turned towards the settlement is a newer, rectangularly leaning on building core, wing which gives a shape of letter L to the manor's ground plan
On the other side of the wing a mighty buttress is located on the northern corner
In the corner between both wings an vaulted staircase is widely open, leding to the floor of central building; arcades are leaning on circular pillars
Entrance to the building center is distinguished by stone Renaissance portal with profiled lintel of which jambs are engraved rectangular fields
Portal in added wing
Vitanje, borough manor before renovation; photo is taken from mentioned literature, author is not stated