Tišina (manor)

18th century

Historical information on the manor which supposedly originated in the 18th century is not gathered. Before the last war the manor's owner was count Sigismund Bathyani. Surrounding the manor was a park with exotic and domestic trees (tulip trees, ginkgo trees, cedar trees, Caucasian firs, Asian firs, magnolias,...) of which very little remained due to after-war relentless cutting down and destroying.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Prekmurjem in porečjem Dravinje", Založba Park, Ljubljana, 1991, ISBN /
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N 46° 39.218' E 16° 5.185'


Present building is tipically Pannonian, stretched, single-storeyed but cellared manor, which origin is hard to determine
Central building is 2x5 axial and the whole design of the manor is horseshoe-shaped
Part of interior
Manor is located in the middle of vast park covering the area of 2ha in which numerous but neglected exotic trees are growing