Strmol pri Rogatcu (manor)

15th century

Above the market town on its northwest side a castle complex of Strmol is located which was for the first time mentioned in 1436 when counts of Celje conferred a tower near Rogatec to Jakob of Strmol from Cerklje na Gorenjskem. Tower (mentioned in 1458 as den turn) is the origin of the mansion and is still preserved in nucleus of present day castle. As the owner Jakob was succeeded by Henrik who was then succeeded by Hans. Provincial prince enfeoffed the castle to Ahac Hertenfelder. The estate was partially owned by Celje and partially by Rogatec (Krka). In 1479 provincial prince conferred the tower of Rogatec (den turn Rohatsch) to Andrej of Strmol, his brother Henrik and their sisters Marjeta and Magdalena. Later owners of the manor were frequently changing: in 1516 Krištof Tumperger was attested and in 1568 Hans Erazem Tumperger sold his provincial princes' lease, noblemen's residence Strmol, tower with real estate - Edlmanssytz Stermoll zunagst Rohitsch, (ein) Thurn to Hans of Auersperg - Turjak. In 1571 Elizabeta Alapi is the owner and in 1573 Jožef of Dornberk, known for his collaboration with stifling peasant revolt and also for pillaging and ravaging he allowed himself at the occasion. In 16th century another tower or wing was added to the original tower and the whole bulding was surrounded by curtain walls and defensive turrets. By reconstruction the building was completed by a shape of letter T in its ground plan and has lost its original purpose as a fortress. Dornberk's were owners until 1626 when they were succeeded by baron Jurij Reising of Hartenštajn. Following Reisings the owner in 1730 was Marija Izabela countess Petazzi and then a few owners were rapidly changed, in 1739 Karl Jožef count Petazzi, in 1804 Jožef baron noble Winterhofen, in 1807 Attems family, followed by prince Alfred noble Windischgrätz. Windischgrätz family were owners before the last war.

Also a chapel dedicated to St.Vincent Ferrer was located in the castle and it was mentioned for the first time in 1682. At the end of 17th century defence turrets were torn down and defence walls was replaced by a low masoned fence. The height of original tower was adjusted to the rest of the building and a smaller two storeyed building with inner courtyard was erected next to it. A court of law was stationed in this building in 19th and at the beginning of 20th century which is proven by jail cells in the cellar. They are now a wine cellar. In the vicinity the castle also an english garden was designed. Park is not preserved anymore and the mansion was used for apartments after WW II.

In 2003 castle complex of Strmol manor was revived. After eight years of hard and professional work at renovating Renaissance/Baroque era manor with a help of Občina Rogatec (Municipality of Rogatec), Ministry of culture of Republic of Slovenia and two private investors the bulding heritage proclaimed as cultural monument was given a new meaning.

Manor is not interesting just from a point of building heritage but also an exhibition of contemporary art collection »Strmol« is on display, a chapel with PRESERVED Baroque frescos, knights hall, Baroque hall, degustation room, wine cellar, black kitchen...
The manor also offer multipurpose festival hall suitable for organization of business meetings, professional meetings, seminars, lectures, presentations for about 80 people. The hall is technically equiped (LCD projector, notebook computer, flip-chart, screen, sound, video, TV).
Also restaurant services by a company Marka d.o.o. are ensured in a range of castle restaurant and black kitchen. The end of the meeting is variegated by invitation to a former castle jail nowadays wine cellar, where ye can taste wines of top quality from a company GIC gradnje d.o.o. Possibility of lodging in hotels of a nearby spa Rogaška Slatina only seven kilometers from Rogatec.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Kozjanskim in porečjem Save", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1993, ISBN 961-6057-00-6
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Windows have in greater part preserved profiled Baroque stone frames
Courtyard is open in its southwest side and a passage from north is also arranged
View of a manor from the west reveals that a facade is arranged only on presented sides
View of a manor and courtyard wing from north
Painting on north wall of a hall depicting an unknown castle
Ceilings in upper halls are decorated with stuccos
Wedding hall
Chapel dedicated to St.Vincent Ferrer mentioned for the first time in 1682
Baroque paintings in the chapel
Multipurpose festival hall
»Black kitchen« can be rented
Attic storey is hosting "Kuharca" exhibition
An example of the kitchen from the exhibition
Attic window
Castle cellars which are a part of a restaurant
Rogatec market town with Rogatec castle and Strmol manor in front on the left; lithography from around 1830
Rogatec; watercolour painting of market town by an unknown painter from 1782 with a castle and Strmol manor (private property)
Steel engraving by Pobud of Rogatec with Strmol manor in front; from Schmidl's book Das Herzogthum Steiermark, 1839
Rogatec market town with Rogatec castle in the back; copper engraving from Vischer's Topographia, around 1681