Slovenska Bistrica (manor)
Windisch Feistritz

14th century

The original castle, which was later modernized to a look of renaissance mansion, is mentioned in written sources for the first time in 1311 as burk Feistritz. At the start it was a property of provincial prince, nad later it was wandering from hand to hand as pawned property or other (it was also owned by Counts of Celje from 1368 until 1456), until it was bought by count Ignacij Attems (mansion Štatenberg and Brežice), who gave the castle its present form. Attems family was the owner of the mansion until the last war. Everything remarkable, we can see today in the mansion, originates from the era of the first Attems's. Most of the artwork, statues and many things on/in or at the mansion were destroyed after World War II.

Quite a few theme exhibitions found home in the mansion, but really worth seeing are rooms, which are marked as "other" under visit offet. These are representation rooms painted with frescos and sometimes decorated with stuccos: Wedding hall, arranged in round ranaissance tower, Knight hall, two storeys high (painted by painter from baroque era, Franc Ignacij Flurer), chapel, stairway hall etc.

Building history of the mansion is only partially studied. It is obvious that the oldest castle leaned on to the north-west corner of town's defence wall with existing tower, which is by measurements and its design almost identical to the town's south-western, later Grasl's tower. Even before 1313 a present northern wing was added to the tower, which was leaned on existing defence wall. At the most in the 16th century, probably earlier, the other three wings were added to at first modest, single-winged castle, and surrounded it with renaissance defence wall and defence towers. The next big abuttal in castle's development was year 1623. Counts Vetter von der Lilie renewed it with certain corrections which are still still preserved today. At the time the castle became posession of Attems some outbuildings were constructed southe from the mansion.
A big castle park was once located west from the mansion, surrounded with low wall. We can still see Gabr's tree avenue.

Currently there are fresco and stucco reconstruction works in progress at the mansion. The last time frescos were renewed was in 1964. Because taking photos in representation rooms (especially frescos) is not permitted, I suggest that you take a look at those by following the links below.

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Zavod za kulturo Slovenska Bistrica
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2310 Slovenska Bistrica
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Institute of culture Slovenska Bistrica - Castle Bistrica
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Moat with renaissance defence wall
Castle portal with volutes, which leads to spacious courtyard
Bridge, build over former drained castle moat; once a draw bridge was here instead of stone bridge
Renaissance portal adapted in the baroque era
Former outbuildings south from the mansion
Another entrance on the opposite side, forcibly breached renaissance defence wall
Well in the inner courtyard
Courtyard arcades at the entrance on the south side
Inner south wall of the mansion; arcades in the storey are walled
Round corner tower in which a wedding hall is located; other three towers are of irregular rectangular shape
Another view towards former outbuildings towards west
Outer wall of the outbuilding abiove the defence wall
Renaissance defence wall with embedded defence tower
Typical renaissance construction with walled passage?
Arrow loops on the top of the defence tower
Corner of the next corner tower; engraved writings in stone AEIOS and SONTNER
Defence wall which continues from the mansion towards east
Eastern wall; a tennis place is located behind the wall
Northern wall
Northern wall with north-west tower
Only preserved Grasel's tower, once embedded into south-east corner of city walls, build around 1300
Inscription plate of Vetter family from the year 1589 (discovered when arranging castle terraces)
G. M. Vischer, Mansion Slovenska Bistrica; copper engraving from Topographia of Styria duchy, 1681
Castle Slovenska Bistrica on additionally collored lithography from Reichert from around 1860, outtake; Graphic museum Rogaška Slatina