Sevnica (market manor)

17th century

According to older literature Sevnica manor was already standing in 14th century or even in 13th century. But newer literature speaks of manor from 17th century onwards - at the time house was standing here - Behausung with 16 subjects and 3 cottagers, which was leased to count Lamberg by Krka diocese. Later estate owners are in 1715 barons noble Wintershofen, in 1725 counts Auerspergs, in 1764-1796 again Wintershofens and then Ferdinand Kellner until 1806, Joahim Gallinger until 1813, followed by Jožef Kavčič. Before the war it was owned by Mrs.Julijana Verbič. Once a seat of provincial court of law was in the building, which it atested in Sevnica from 1448 onwards. Nowadays municipality of Sevnica has its seat in the manor. (quoted)

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Kozjanskim in porečjem Save", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1993, ISBN 961-6057-00-6
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A simple semicircular portal carrying the year 1644 on key stone in in the axle of the building and a pier on three consoles above the portal
Below it an engraved year with initials A 1916 V
Street wind of the mansion has a portal on courtyard side which is a replica of main portal
Courtyard object has a year 1613 on a pier on its southweste corner and the pier is resting on four consoles
Another object is located on a courtyard perpendicularly to a main bulding, connected to first object through a smaller and newer connecting wing