Šenek (manor)

17th century

Šenek is mentioned as castle/tower as early as 1288 as property of lords of Žovnek. We can only speculate about its former location, because it was demolished in 1439 and is not preserved even as a ruin. Šenek as mansion could be build allready in 1493 by caretaker from Ojstrica, Lenart Raumschüssel, descendant of old castellans of Šenek. In 1665 it was owned by Gabelkhoven family, in 1696 by Rudolf noble Schrottenbach, in 1730 by J. Ernest noble Ehrenberg. Later owners: in 1746 Johan Anton Curti Franzini, 1770 Rajmund Novak, 1774 Filip noble Carastella, 1775 Rajmund Novak again, 1797 Johan Nepomuk Kircher, 1807 Anton Gurnik, 1813 again Johan Nepomuk Kircher, in 1819 widow of Jožef Perše, who bought it for 77.000 fl. Lenart Gechter became the owner in 1844, followed by V. M. Vormiggini and after him Franc Maurer in 1861, who gave it to his son in law Oskar Pongraz in 1869. At the time of occupation the mansion was a property of count Pacht-Reihofen, and today it is a place for a nursering home.

Mansion complex is formed of a group of buildings, build on three sides around a rectangular courtyard, whilst on the fourth, east side a built arcade fence is located. South from the complex a standalone chapel is located opposite to the main wing, with a journeyman's house attached to it.
Inside of the mansion is mostly uninteresting. In the basement of the main wing we can still find bath-like baroque arches with spandrel, and in its floor we can find original white painted door-post with original fetters - that is all that is oreserved from baroque era. From the time of the last renovation, which gave its present form to the mansion, the most interesting is luxurious great hall in the ground floor of the west wing and it holds ceiling with stuccos, nice neo-baroque fireplace made from marble and at the same time quality made furniture.
The chapel has a rectangular aisle and rectangular, rounded on the edges, choir. Above the entrance facade on the roof a small bell tower with a baroque-shaped roof is built. The chapel was constructed by Rajmund Novak, owner of Šenek at the time.

The mansion was not built until the baroque era, probably in the 1st half or mid 18th century, on tha place of former mansion. The core of the main wing can ba dated to that time and it is the oldest element of the construction. Northern and western wings were not built until the great renovation of the mansion, when they replaced former single-storey outbuildings - they can be seen of Kuwasseg's depiction of the mansion from 1845. The building got its present form in 1869 when the owner became Oskar Pongraz. He also built round tower, both new wings and probably surround his residence with english park.

I didn't manage to photograph the luxurious great hall so I suggest thet you take a look by following the links below.

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Šenek - http://polzela.netfirms.com/Senek/senek.html
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Dom upokojencev Polzela
Polzela 18

or Municipality of Polzela (www.polzela.si)
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Park and mansion Šenek
Shows and entertainment:
Various public events in the hall and on the show platform in the park.
GPS coordinates:
N 46° 17.042' E 15° 4.490'


Another view of a mansion; author of the footage is Matjaž Založnik
Main wing, two-storey seven-axial building with mansard roof, axially emphasized with baroque-shaped attic with vases on the top, two smaller oculi at the sides
Two-storey tower, located at the west corner of the scheme
West side; because of the terain th west and north wing are one storey lower
North wing
Arcade wall; western courtyard facade is specially emphasized
Sun dial above northern courtyard wall
Portal in the northern wall of the chapel with inscription: SVb proteCtIone FlorIanI PatronI DoMVs Vestrae seCVrae erVnt; chronogram returns year 1779
Part of famous english park, rich with various kinds of trees (yew tree); designed by garden architect from Vienna Swensson in the 2nd half of the 19th century
Šenek mansion on collored lithography from Kuwasseg from around 1845
Maltesian wedding, 02.07.2005; author of the footage is Matjaž Založnik