Ravne na Koroškem (manor)

16th century

Castle building, on Valvasor's depiction from 1688 still showing all of its signs of originating from 16th century was owned by Hebenstreit in 16th and 17th century and was in 1509 supposedly named Rožanec an de Eben and in 1650 na Rauniah. From the mid 17th century on it was owned by Sechtens, from the beginning of 18th century it was owned by Gačniks - Schlagenburgs and from 1809 on counts Thurn - Valsassina, owners of Pliberks and Guštanjs dominion and lead caves and iron foundries in Črna and were owners until the end of last world war. Douglas Thurn - Valsassina reconstructed the manor after 1863 and thus gave the manor its present Baroque-revival image and at the same time arranged a park. At the time of occupation the manor was used as a school for girls and after 1944 it was used by German army. After 1945 it was rearranged into a gymnasium and former horse stables into a boarding school and in 1953 a study library has moved into the manor and already in 1952 a settlement Guštanj was named after it. Nowadays a library (Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika) is located in the manor and a museum in adjacent building. An outstanding painting stock is preserved in castle's rooms - the result of painting colonies which took place in gallery of Likovni salon (Painting saloon) from 1969 on. Gallery organizes regular exhibitions of art works and presents alternative programs under the patronage of museum Ravne, which has permanent collections from history of the town and Mežica valley. Also in the manor is a rich stock of small statues.

Website added below also contains some (also older) photos of interior.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Solčavskim in Kobanskim", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1993, ISBN /
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Koroški pokrajinski muzej enota Ravne na Koroškem
Na gradu 2
SI-2390 Ravne na Kor.
tel/fax: 02 870 64 61,
tel: +386 (0)2 82 15 260
tel: +386 (0)2 870 64 62


Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika
Na gradu 1
2390 Ravne na Koroškem
Tel.: +386 2 870 54 21
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N 46° 32.511' E 14° 57.423'


Coat-of-arms of counts Thurn-Valsassina, embedded in southern facade
View of ironworks
J. V. Valvasor: Ravne manor in Carinthia