Prežin (castle)
Pröschin, Presing

12th century

Prežin castle, located above valley of river Voglajna was built by bishop of Krka Roma I. and was for the first time indirectly mentioned in 1158 in the name of ministerial of Krka Herman (Hermannus de Presingen). First explicit mentioning of the castle can be found in 1310 as haws Presing. Between 1325 and 1326 a dispute struck out because of the fortress, between Eberhard and Herman of Prežin on one side and Konrad and Ulrik Safner and Viljem of Altenburg (of Vrbovec?) on the other side - mother of the latter three were most likely of Prežin descent. The result was dividing of the estate and the ownership of the castle. In 1341 vest Presing is mentioned and in 1343 the word is of vnd der stain vor der vest, vnd der stain hinder der vest, vnd dir chapellen, vnd der alt purchstall. So the castle had its own chapel.
Between 1342 and 1344 the fortification became by parts a property of counts of Celje, s a result of various incidents and dividings. In 1378 it is again mentioned as vest Presing. After 1441 bishop of Krka rented the castle to Friderik of Celje and the downfall of Prežin began soon after 1456, when Counts of Celje died out. Chronicles of Counts of Celje is telling us that it was demolished ba lords of Celje. Knights of Prežin who later lived in Austria became barons in 1545 and got a noble rank of counts in 1716.

On the place of former castle a church of St.John the Baptist was built in 1525.

Two villages were named after the casle in the past - »Sv.Lovrens pod Prežinom« (»St.Lorenz under Prežin«) and village Prežin which was later renamed to »Prežinska vas« (»Village of Prežin«). Latter was after WW II renamed to »Prožinska vas« (»Village of Prožin«) - it is called the same nowadays.

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Table in front of rocky hilltop presents two important pieces of information
Pathway to the church is leading through a castle ditch cut through the rock
Stopar states that once a fountain-like hole was under the tower; i presume that he is not talking about this hole
Church has a separate bell tower on a top of south cliff; some believe that on this place once a castle tower was located
View of a church with remote tower
Far northern point on a slope where maybe once a castle was leaning on
View from a slope of a cliff towards Štore and Celje