Prebold (manor)

16th century

Prebold manor is not mentioned until second half of 16th century but the court was standing at the same location at least in 15th century. In 1437 (1457) Jörg Eckelheimer leased from Celje a court near »St.Paul in the forest« with farms and residents and also Liebenstein castle with all of its belongings. It is possible that Prebold manor is a legal successor of the mentioned court and perhaps also Liebenstein because the church of St.Paul was previously (in 1392) designated as s. Pauli prope Liebenstein and after s. Pauli prope Pragwald. In 1491 (1492) Lasla (Ladislav) Prager, steward of Žovnek and Mozirje castle, got noble house - sitz zu s. Larenzsen in dem Seentall for his seat and also its castle associated jurisdiction which is called Prewaldt in 1585 in land register of Ojstrica castle. Form of original german name allows the possibility of a version of Slovene word meaning a mansion at Voljska. Later form of the name - Pragwald comes from Prager family name, who supposedly have built the manor. But Prager family was not in posession of a dominion for a long time. Already before 1519 the owner was Lokoman Windischgrätzer and in 1542 Krištof Windischgrätzer. At the time of Windischgrätzer in 1539 rebelled peasants supposedly robed and burned down Prebold manor. Between 1571 and 1591 the castle building was owned by lords Wagen and between 1628 and 1807 if was in the hands of Schrottenbach family. At the great peasant revolt in 1635 the manor, at the time owned by Hans Friderik Schrottenbach, demolished by peasants and those residents who did not managed to escape were killed. The manor was then rebuilt. In 1706 another struck of bad luck when the manor burned down. Architectural master from Celje Tomaž Lepošek estimated the damages to 5448 fl. Schrottenbach family was followed by Vogel family in 1807 who were followed by Rudolf baron noble Hackelberg-Landau in 1855 who has around 1860 thoroughly rebuild and reconstructed the manor. He was followed by count Rudolf Funfkirchen in 1908, in 1910 Jakše and in 1917 Hudovernik. Nowadays apartments are in the manor. manager of the complex is Tekstilna tovarna Prebold which used a part of the manor as their warehouse.

Info point is also located in the building and also a tour of the interior is possible. Opening time is from July to mid September which unfortunately stopped me from viewing the interior.

Prebold manor found its place also in municipality's coat-of-arms.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Spodnja Savinjska dolina", Založna Park, Ljubljana, 1992
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Manor if reinforced with rectangular towers at its corners
View from southwest
Three wings are built whilst the fourth - eastern side was formed by nowadays mostly demolished wall (visible on photo)
Southern wing is single storeyed auxiliary outbuilding
West wing, like northern, is also used as residential space
View of northern most prominent two storeyed wing for nobles; under visible eastern prolongation an imposing castle cellar is located
A big representative hall with a ceiling decorated with quality stucco is located in the first floor of the wing
Northeastern tower with visible quadratic shooting loop in the attic
Driveway into the courtyard from west
Western facade
Mythological scene on the ceiling of ceremonial hall (photo I. Stopar)
Mythological scene in the same room (photo I. Stopar)
C. Reichert, Prebold manor, coloured lithography, around 1860 (outtake)
Older photo of the manor
G. M. Vischer, Prebold