Lindek (castle)

13th century

Castle is mentioned in 1264 as Lindecke, in 1333 as castrum Lindekk, in 1335 as Lindek, in 1430 as Lyndekg and in 1441 as haus Lindegk. The name comes from the German word for linden tree, "die Linde", which is also stylized in coat-of-arms of Lindek. Knights of Lindek occur from the year 1258 on and are on the castle to the mid 16th century. Names mentioned are: 1293 - Albert of Lindek, 1296 - Merclin of Lindek, 1307 and 1317 - Wülfing, 1329 - Örtlein, 1363 - brothers Henrik and Ortolf, 1367 - Marchel, 1378 - Friedl, etc. Chapel on the castle iz mentioned at the time of Eberhard from Hauenstein (1376-1402?). In 1404 the castle goes to Friderik of Lindek to rent, in 1412 to his son Hans and in 1467 to his son Ludvik. In 1542 the dominion was in posession of Jörg of Lindek's heirs. The dominion began to fragment in the 16th century. In 1580 it was no longer in posession of Lindek's, but in posession of Hans Seidl, followed by his heirs. The last time the lords of Lindek are mentionedd is at the beginning of the 17th century and are followed by the owners: 1613-1621 - Katarina Strassberger, followed by her son Adam Seifried, Johan Strassberger, and in 1720 the castle goes to the hands of people without noble rank. Jožefa Katarina Elizabeta born baroness Teuffenbach sold the castle to Janz Jereb who remain its owner until 1730. After him the owners were Marija Ana in Johan noble Conti, 1792-1875 Ferdinand Verstovšek, and in 1876, when the castle was allready in ruins it was in hands of farmers.
The last resident on the castle was Franc Wolf in 1758.

The road, which separates from the main road and leads to the right pass the quarry steep into the hill, takes us on the southern slope of Stenica to immediate proximity of the castle, to the Castle hill. Only a few minutes of walking is needed to get to the castle core. Sometimes it is hard to fing castle ruins, so a directions from local residents are more than welcome.

Interesting facts:
Castle Lindek is mentioned in a poem by poet Jurij Vodovnik.
On the north wall of peripheral core a memorial plate is embedded, dedicated to severe fights of XIV. division with german forces on February 16th, 1944..

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N 46° 21.154' E 15° 19.506'


View from a castle towards Lower Savinja valley (Frankolovo, Vojnik, Celje)
View to north-east from the tower
Four-storey tower, which is joined to solar (palas) on south-east side
Embedded mile-stone, which marked miles on roman road (exhibition roman road at castle Bistrica)
Ruined southern wall of castle core
Castle core, eastern wall
Northern wall of castle core
Northern wall of castle core from the north, memorial plate is visible
Small tower in southwest part of the plateau, supported by pillar, visible on next image
Defence armour, irregular pentagonal shape, leaning on northern side of castle core
Walls, leading from the tower towards south-east
Probably the remains of foundations of former oblong outbuilding
Remains of thin renaissance defence wall
Renaissance defence wall
In the storey of tower a preserved remains of former arched chapel
Explicitly visible leaned construction to the southern tower
Renaissance semicircular bulwark on south-east side, put between the sistem of renaissance fortifications
Castle Lindek in winter time; author of photo is Matjaž Založnik