Lemberg pri Šmarju (castle)
Lemberg, Lengenburg

12th century

Very little is known about the history of the castle. It is located on a steep hill above the settlement with the same name name right above the curch of St.Pankratius. Already around the year 1144 (this year is questionable) it was a Krka fee of freelords of Žovnek who later in 1341 got their title of counts by Lemberg castle. First indirect mentioning of castle is from 1228 (Cunradus nobilis de Lengenburc) but it's not directly mentioned until 1251 as Lengenburch then in 1275 as castrum Lengenburch and later in 1370 as haws Lengenburch. At the beginning of 14th century knights of Rogatec becase castellans on Lemberg castle who were followed by many knights of Celje in the second half of the century. Many castellans were lter on the castle and among them Jurij Minndorfer (see Ojstrica castle) is mentioned in 1429. After 1456 when counts of Celje have died out the castle became a proprty of provincial prince and the dominion was managed from Zbelovo. It is mentioned that the castle was in 1438 destroyed by the command of the emperor and the reason were raids from Hungary. Church of St.Pankratius which is still Romanesque in its nucleus was mkost likely the castle chapel.

Old castle design is still visible from the terrain where both basic elements of the castle are divided by tansverse inner ditch. Deep ditch is on northern and western side almost completely preserved and traces of once fortified inner ward are clearly seen. On the east side separately from castle location a church of St.Pankratius is located.

In the spring of 1968 school children have dug out 5 meters deep shaft and found a loot of ceramics in a meter deep cultural layer.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Kozjanskim in porečjem Save", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1993, ISBN 961-6057-00-6
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N 46° 15.478' E 15° 33.017'


Church of St.Pankratius located east of castle hill
Our search for the ruins at the top of the hill will be in vain
On the east part of the location a ditch is visible
On the north side a castle distch oriented towrds west is stil preserved