Legant (court)
Lachenhofen, Lehnhof

15th century

Court Legant ("shooting or hunting court") or its predecessor is stated as property of Celje in Celje-Ortenburg feudal book from 1436. It is also stated as "shooting court" by land register from Žovnek from 1550. Present, renaissance building supposedly origins from th end of the 16th century.
At the time of military danger Legant's owner had to take guard on castle Žovnek without limitations not regarding to day time and the duration of military danger. For performing military duty on Žovnek he only received food and drinks to which also castle's servants were entitled to.
A story of hunting court started from story-telling and not from a real such role of Legant so we can take it only as a story or a legend of Legant. Opinions, whether Legant is truly a successor of hunting court are different.
As a first known owner Franc Jožef Peer is testified in 1750, followed by Karel Peer, in 1887 Franc Ks.Siebenbürger and his sister Terezija, in 1795 Peter Schmied and his wife Terezija born Siebenbürger, in 1808 Niklas del Negro and his wife Amalija born Tschockl, later Marija Tratnik and around the year 1885 Ana Novak. Nowadays it holds q quarters of post office Braslovče and appartments. Nearby a church is standing.

Building is two-storey, five axial, simetrically planed, built on rectangular ground plan, covered with steep roof with four watershoots. Above the entrance portal from the 19th century a stone plate with two-headed eagle and inscription SALVA GVARDIA is embedded. On a back, courtyard side a partially walled-in arcades are in a ground floor and both top floors.

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N 46° 17.273' E 15° 2.378'


Northern wall
Southern wall, photographed corners on facade are reconstructed
View from north side
Lake Braslovče, route to which leads pass the court