Laško (manor)

17th century

Barons Moscons sold Laško dominion in 1665 to emperors secret councillor Janez Vajkard Vetter count noble Lilie who build a mansion ten years later.
Count Vetter made a contract on May 26th 1673 with Laško town hall in which he has bought from inhabitants of a market Jurij Adam Trefalt, Jurij Leitnihad, Tomaž Jakolič and Janez Jakob Milek their four houses with gardens near Savinja river so that he and his successors can repair them, tore them down or built a mansion in their place. Except for 45 German value of yearly payment to town hall they are free of all civic duties, only in case of "cassus" and some trouble maker would "back-out" into the mansion they have to extradite him without hesitation. The mansion should by according to architects plans built in a way that the street will be like until now eight feet wide.
When in 1695 Mihael count Lilie died his widow and heiress Marija Kristina, née baroness Zollner married Johan J. count Wildenstein and the manor stayed in the hands of this family until 1828 when Wildensteins died out when it went back to counts of Lilie. They regularly gave the manor for rent.
Offices of Laško dominion were in the manor and after 1848 court of law with land register and notary and from 1924 onwards also district chief. The manor was a trust property of counts Vetter Lilie until 1945. Nowadays offices of municipality and musem are in the manor.

The manor only slightly changed in its two centuries of existence. At the great fire on 28.4.1840 it was saved by teacher Anton Flis. In 1845 the building was covered with new roof and at the same time from the west wing removed two penthouse turrets, which are clearly visible on old depictions. At the time they also removed Baroque cap on courtyard turret of auxiliary eastern wing and replaced it with a low pyramidlike cap. Mansion chapel was once located near the tower but was abandoned leng before 1881. At the midwar bombardment old judicial prisons east of this wing were destroyed, which once belonged to the manor.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Spodnja Savinjska dolina", Založna Park, Ljubljana, 1992
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Above the portal a heraldic relief plate of counts von der Lilie is embedded with the year 1676
Fountain, located in the middle of a big courtyard
Great portal is leading through a vaulted entrance hall to a courtyard where at the end of entrance hall a motif of a portal is repeated in a simplified form
Western wing is on a courtyard side equiped with arcades, on ground floor leaning on rectangular pillars with capitels and in the first floor leaning on round columns
Arcade corridors and a staircase connecting them have cross vaults
Auxiliary eastern wing is single-storeyed
In front of it a turret is built with staircase with two landings on the sides, covered with a roof leaning on columns
South wing connected to eastern wing was used for outhouse purposes and has like other parts of mansion design still preserved architectural elements (portals, windows, etc.)
Laško with manor and castle ruins in the background;unknown author; around 1800