. Perhaps that was allready the castle, which is mentioned in 1265 as "castrum Tyver". Laško was"> gradovi.net - Laško (castle Tabor)

Laško (castle Tabor)

12th century

The first known owner of the castle estate was Spanheim, count Bernard of Maribor. The estate is mentioned for the first time in 1147 as "Tyver". Perhaps that was allready the castle, which is mentioned in 1265 as "castrum Tyver". Laško was in posession of court chamber of provincial prince of Styria. Until 1192 it was in posession of provincial princes from the house of Traungau and then until the death of Friderik Prepirljivec in 1246 by Banberg family. In 1262 the duchy of Styria became the feudal estate of Czech king Otokar II. Přemysl and with it the Estate of Laško.
In 1265 the castle went to bishop Bruno of Olomuc to rent from provincial head of Styria. Incomes of the estate were granted for lease to count Ulrik of Vovberg by king Otokar, but allready in 1287 Albreht paid off the estate and got the incomes back. In 1336 the estate went to freiherr Friderik of Žovnek and stays in his family as lease until 1456.
In 1336 the castle is called fortress vest Tyuer but allready in 1328 we come accross the label neue. newe vest Tyuer - new fortress of Laško. Mentioning if probably refered to a new castle, which was build on the edge of then settlement. After the year 1456 the castle is back in the hands of provincial prince which rented the castle and gave it to lease to various caretakers.
At the time of a great turkish invasion in Austria and especially Styria in 1532 they began to renew and to fortify the castle. Round small tower was built then.
The owners of the estate were lords of Turjak until 1554, followed by Johan Valvasor until 1581 and in 1620 the estate was sold by emperor Ferdinand II. to barons Jurij Karel and Vid Moscon, in 1665 it was bought by Janez Vajkard count Vetter, who built a new dominion on the borough.
We can read the following in the urbarium from 1621:"Residents of borough Laško have above borough Laško built Tabor, where they can hide at the time of hostile attacks or moves". When the turkish danger passed, the fortress was abbandoned and it was ruined at the beginning of the 19th century.

In year 1880 debrees were removed from the fortress and damaged walls were rapaired. Totally filled-up well was found and in it a damaged helmet and three clay jugs. In the debrees a dagger with silver handle was found and various iron items and in the nearby wineyard a crucifix with relics was found.
The ruin becomes the posession of general people's property in 1945. In 1952 it was partially restored by local tourist society. In 1984 ruins were reconstructed into an inn. From 1986 the owner of the property is company Pivovarna Laško (Laško brewery) and current subtenant is catering company Štorman.

Laško castle is composed of living romanesque tower, which is 2 storeys high, walled-in courtyard with well and a small renaissance tower rebuilt from scratch. Zwinger, which guarded access to castle courtyard is ruined.

Many paths lead to the castle, among them also a few walking-paths from hill Hum and the road. At the time of my visit the inn was closed, so inner court-yard was not accessible. At the next occasion I will add other missing photos. In the courtyard there is the restaurant garden (in the summer time) and the well.

In front of the entrance to the courtyard we can see a plate with a name of Štorman inn. Perhaps somewhere you'll find information, that there is Laznik inn on castle Tabor. In this case it is an outdated information.

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Castle Tabor above Laško
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Anything that company Štorman offers, various celebrations, weddings, summer castle events of chamber music with top world-famous soloists.
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Laško under the castle
Tower on north-west edge of defence wall
Living tower on the south side of the estate
Portal to the courtyard, label castle TABOR Laško next to it
Eastern defence wall with driveway to portal
View to the castle from parking place
View from eastern way to the castle
Romanesque living tower (solar tower), reconstructed according to plans by ing. arh. Kemer
Deer in the adjacent breeding place
Laško castle before the renovation from around 1970; author of photo is I. Stopar
Renaissance tower on the castle before reconstruction in 1970
Laško with mansion and castle ruins in the back; unknown author; around year 1800