Krumperk (manor)

15th century

Mansion, which was in a form of a tower at the time, is first time explicitly mentioned in 1410 as Turn Chrawperk, and even before that according to Valvasor it is called Thurn unter Kreutberg or Thurn zu Kreutberg (prepositions "under" (unter) and "beside" (zum) mark a tower building beside another, bigger and more known castle building, which was standing near the castle with the same name). Five years later turen Krawtperk is mentioned and gesass Krawperkh in 1481.
Krumperk (along with its estates) was enfeoffed to Krištof Rauber in 1517 from Habsburg family. At that time the tower got into the hands of worthy noble family from Carniola, which later gained posession also in Styria and Lower Austria, and even in Transylvania and "Frankolovskem". Some individuals were alight among the Rauber family, which have proven themselves as a millitary commanders or at other, respectable positions. In 1484 Gašper Rauber besieged and defeated Erazem Leuger - Jamski, the last robber-knight in Slovenia. This information certainly proposes a question to organizers of Tournament in Predjama, who dresses Erazem of Predjama in a costume from 16th century and thus shifted all the happening to the time at which the mentioned figure was allready deceased. Andrej Eberhard Rauber was known for his enormous strength and long beard, and in people's memory Adam Rauber was impressed with a song "Pesem o Ravberju" (Song of Ravber) and here the date June 23rd should be mentioned - Rauber's day (battle at Sisak, where Adam Rauber substantiatelly contributed to the success of provincial army).

Ravbers, who around 1580 build a present mansion also had it in posession even in the first few decades of the 17th century and after it went by marriage to the hands of old and also eminent noble family Rasp, which owned the castle for almost 200 years. Rasp family was followed by counts of Thurn - Valsassina in 1803, in 1840 barons Rechbach, and in 1928 it was bought by entrepreneur Hinko Pogačnik from Ruše - thus it went into commoners hands for the first time.
After World War II the mansion, which was a place for German military school from 1942, was changed to rest home for JLA (YPA - Yugoslav People's Army) officers, and after 1953 status of purpose was changed many times to nationalized building, but without special sucess. Krumperk, which is nowadays a private property (after denationalization) experienced a few interventions of service for monumentary protection, which protected it from total decay.

Krumperk mansion is composed of four single-storey residential wings which surround rectangular courtyard with arcades on three sides. Because the courtyard was not accessible at the time of my visit, the photographs of the courtyard are "borrowed". The corners of the building are reinforced with square towers all of the same height and are leveled in height with residential wings. Castle jail with door studded is still preserved in the north-west tower.
Today the mansion is a place for archive. Biotechnical faculty arranged a Horse center nearby where events in connection with horses occur, but they also offer lessons in horse riding and recreational horse riding. Not far away a next interesting tourist point resides, Železna jama ("Iron cave").

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Contact details:
In 1997 the owner was Hinko Pogačnik
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Grad Krumperk - nekaj fotografij - Slovenia Landmarks: Krumperk
Shows and entertainment:
Not in the mansion, but nearby (where stables are) sometimes equestrian competitions occur. In south-west tower there are even preserved jumping obstacles for horses.
GPS coordinates:
N 46° 8.069' E 14° 37.995'


Mansion from east
View of a south side of a mansion, where a remains of a wall are visible, which once surrounded the garden
Eastern wall, where also entrance is located
Eastern portal; rustical arcade links are from renaissance era, framed into pilasters from mortar at the sides in the baroque era
Stone coat-of-arms of barons Rauber, which is embedded above portal
Southern wall, on the right, at the height of ground-floor we can see walled shooting loops
Western wall
Western wall from another direction
Northern wall
Walled loop on the west wall of south-east tower
Joint of western wall and south-west tower, probably a toilet
On the north wall of the previously mentioned tower a walled entrance; preserved window from renaissance era visible on the left
As we can see, Krumperk mansion was rebuild several times; in this case a two walled renaissance-era windows are visible, where only a small hole was left in one of them
Inside of one of the rooms on the ground floor
Next room
Another room, wooden ceiling is visible, supported by wooden beams
View through entrance to the castle's hallway; above the entrance a coat-of-arms of lords Rasp is preserved
Arcade corridors on inner courtyard, author Edo Primožič
Wall, which lies a few 10 meters from the mansion; it starts at the castle entrance at the well and ends at the third of the west wall; it surrounded a former garden and a courtyard with outbuilding towards the east
Well, which is located south from castle entrance, next to the wall
Self-standing chapel, which was built opposite to castle entrance in the baroque era