Konjice (castle)

12th century

Knights of Konjice are mentioned for the first time in 1148 (according to other sources this happens in 1164) and the castle is explicitly mentione for the first time in 1237 as castrum Gonuvviz (in 1312 as havs Gonewitz and in 1362 as vest ze Gonwiz). Between 1329 and 1385 the castle was in posession of Lords of Viltuz but it was temporarily in posession of Counts of Celje in 1365 and in 1385 in posession of lords of Devin by hereditary contract. They are followed by Walsee family in 1406 who lost Konjice castle, like all others, in battle which was a result of dispute with Leopold IV. and duke Ernest Železni. In 1417 they made truce and got the castle back. By extinction of Walsee family the castle became property of emperor in 1466. Managers and pawners: Adam Svetkovič in 1511, Ivan Khiessl in 1572, Žiga Tattenbach in 1592 and in the meantime archduke Ferdinand for a short period, in 1597 Tattenbach heirs which were owners of Konjice until 1671, when Ivan Erazem was beheaded because of conspiracy. Josip Jurčič dedicated two of his stories to these events, "Erazem Tattenbach" and "Bojim se te" ("I'm afraid of you"). The castle was sold tu Charterhouse Žiče in 1692 which was inherited by religion fund in 1783 after Jožef's reforms. The castle was probably already abandoned when owned by Carthusians.

Konjice castle by it present formation belongs to a type of so called pulled castles of mature gothic era. It spreads out along stretched, rather steep hill and signs of many reconstructions are visible at once which gradually shaped its physiognomy in various periods. Castle core is formed from two parts and original solar is supposed to be located on the eastern side.

It is visible on not so old photographs of the castle, how ruthless time is which slowly destroys the walls. Until today a gothic tower was renewed which is visible with its white facade from far away and a building in the west part of castle formation. Also visible are evidences of other maintenance works, for instance on eastern circular tower. It is possible to access the castle from the west side by car driving pass the cemetery but also marked footpath pass the old quarry from the eastern direction.

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Contact details:
Municipality of Slovenske Konjice
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Municipality of Slovenske Konjice (www.slovenskekonjice.si)
Shows and entertainment:
During the last few years some cultural events occured on the old castle above Slovenske Konjice, celebrations, movie theater and theatrical plays. At the present time an exhibition is held in a tower (opend on saturdays, sundays and holidays), a place south under the castle is a puopular gathering place for all generations.
GPS coordinates:
N 46° 20.150' E 15° 24.536'


View of a castle from a south side
Larger rectangular building (maybe outbuilding) in north-west part of the plan
Inside of the building which in under reconstruction; it has a new (concrete) neo-gothic portal embedded
Remains of the wall of northern residential wing
Southern defence wall
Round defence tower, embedded into defence wall which runs from east towards west
East from a tower a defence wall is alerady destroyed
Space between the walls in the south, which was constructed in the renaissance era
Outer wall of southern residential wing
Remains of romanesque construction
Remains of tower-like building - maybe original house (possibly original solar) and a pentagonal tower leaning on it
Western tower wall
Foundations of romanesque bergfried
Sculpted stones, embedded into the wall during renovation
Internal wall of southern residential wing
Probably a gothic portal which connected northern residential wing with courtyard
Prolongated courtyard, a bit irregular rectangular shaped, once surrounded by residential buildings and outbuildings; a castle chapel was located in its eastern prolongation
Broken in ceiling of castle cellar; entrance to the cellar was from one of the buildings in southern residential wing (portal is visible)
Internal walls of northern wing, outer wall is totally destroyed
On the left probably remains of the entrance tower
View of a castle from west direction
Covered with vegetation semicircular renaissance roundel, supposed to be constructed when the owner was Adam Svetkovič
Window in roundel, walls are almost 2 meters thick at this place
View from a castle towards north
Konjice castle on secundarily colored lithography from Reichert, from around 1860, detail; graphic museum Rogaška Slatina
G. M. Vischer, Konjice castle, copper engraving from around 1681
Konjice castle from 1905; source: Wikipedia
Konjice borough from 1830, castle visible in the background; source: Wikipedia