Kamnik - Na Turnu (tower)

15th century

Preserved in total octangular tower Trutzturen, also named Tructurn, Smolet's manor, Rautar's mansion or manor of Žale was built at the same time as Kamnik's defencewalls in 1451 (Stopa dates the tower to 16th century). It was supposed to protect the town in case that Turks would conquer nearby castle Zaprice and intimidate the town from there. In 1971 it was owned by family Rauter who is still in possession of the tower today.
By the tradition, which in this case has no value, supposedly once o castle of lords of Žale was once located on Žale hill but no evidence can be found of this and is never mentioned in any of the sources.

From the time when the building was built two ground floor entrances made of sandstone has preserved of which the main entrance is semicircularly concluded and the other one is bent.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji - I. Gorenjska (Območje Kamnika in Kamniške Bistrice)", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1997, ISBN 961-6057-12-X
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N 46° 13.505' E 14° 36.579'


View from castle Zaprice; when digging for railway tunnel they found another tunnel which was supposedly leading from this castle to the town
View from road leading to the cemetery around the tower
Passage is forcibly broken through the rock
In a shape of a tower built, single storeyed manor with chisled corners of sandstone, which already France Stele was pointing out. has a form of prolonged, irregular octagon, covered with octagonal conic roof
View from approach to the tower to Mali grad