Javornik (court, manor)

16th century

In the beginning of 16th century the manor was called Prušnik's court - Pruschnigghof and after 1540 by its new owner Luka Gams who by emperor's permission renewed the castle and surrounded it with defence walls and towers, Gamsenegg. In the second half of 16th century the manor became a property of Javorniks - Jaborneggs who were residents of Guštanj borough at the beginning of 16th century and were promoted to barons in 1667. Jaborneggs owned the manor at the time of Valvasor and also after 1715. Later owners were Wayersbergs and Gačniks - Schlangenburgs. At the end of 19th century its owner was Franc Ksavier Schmied and from 1910 and until his death it was owned by protestant, Silesian Ernest Ossiander. After it was a part of general public property and nowadays its in private hands.
Ironworks Ravne began intervention in 1960s to preserve the manor but the renovation was unfortunately stopped and later only the turret was renovated. The estate which was in 1996 pronounced as cultural monument is now for sale.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Solčavskim in Kobanskim", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1993, ISBN /
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N 46° 32.719' E 14° 58.133'


Smaller defence walls to the right from the manor
Corner is concluded with constructed guard house with chimney
Decaying ceiling in guard house
Turret leaning on the building
Preserved cross crest vaults in ground floor of manor rebuilt as a villa
Present building is single-storeyed, partially cellared, 6x3 axial; facades are articulated in Empire style and also window borders and entrance portal on rear side
Coat-of-arms of Jaborneggs, embedded above portal
Later built outbuildings (Javornik 12) and stable for horses
Javornik near Guštanj manor on copper engraving from Valvasor's Topographia of Carinthia, around 1681; presented as single-storeyed, rectangular, cellared, 3x7 axial castle building with two turrets leaning on facade and at the top equiped with wooden defence ring