Frankolovo (manor)

16th century

The building was a subject to Lindek castle and is first mentioned as das Gebeu und gemauerte Stockh am Rephuenhof in der Eng gelegen in 1580. It was owned by Hans Seidel. In 1604 it was in the hands of his daughter Elizabeta, wife of Seigfried noble Gaisruck and around 1615 it was dominired by Ph.D. of theology Klemens Collin. At the time the manor got its name by him - Sternstein = "starry stone" (Slovenian name for the manor originates from the 18th century). The name was probaby connected to bigger reconstructions of the manor. Dr.Collin was followed by his brother with his sons and around 1690 the mansion became the posession of lady Katarina J. noble Teufenbach-Mauerburg. She sold part of the dominion to baron Sigmundu noble Jabornegg and the second part to priest Jereb. Jabornegg rented his part to lady Kath. Stragge born Führenberg which got it in 1725 as feudal estate. After that the owners are rapidly changing until 1881 when the Faber family becomes the owners and remains until the last war. Today the manor holds appartments.

Once a chapel of Holy Trinity was a part of a manor and in it the first wedding is testified in 1724. In 1787 the chapel was abandoned, because the new parish church was build in the village. In 1862 the chapel was demolished.

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N 46° 19.901' E 15° 19.073'


Decorated separating window frame above entrance portal
Entrance portal with year 1723 engraved
Arches in the ground floor
Arched first floor with awled door
South-western tower
Western facade
Upper entrance on the west side
Manor from the northern direction
Eastern wall
Abandoned neo-gothic chapel with a tower which is rectangularly leaning to the manor
Eastern wall with strong buttresses
South-eastern tower; towers setted accross are not equal
View from south
Remainings of the park on the eastern side; remainings of the park are also visible on the west side of the manor
Remainings of the surrounding wall or fence
Frankolovo manor; Kuwasseg's lithography from Lampl's suite, around 1840; in the background already ruined Lindek castle is visible