Dobrna (manor)

18th century

The building was raised ba Franc Ksaverij Avguštin baron of Dienersberg for his new home, when in 1772 the castle Dobrna, headquarters of the dominion up to the time, has fallen apart. Diesenbergs have attached dominion Dobrnica to Dobrna in 1822, and in 1847 they sold away the thermal springs. In 1851 the dominion was sold to Franc Anton count noble Kolovat - Liebsteinsky. Its owners frequently changed later. In 1864 it was bought by Johann Ritter noble Ressingen, followed by Adolf Edler noble Layritz, after him from 1882 to 1887 Adolf Kogan, from 1887 to 1890 Adolf Dub, and after 1890 Johan Frohner.
The mansion is on the west side attached to residential building in which probably rooms for various purposes are extended. On Kaisers depiction of mansion a smaller defence wall with fence is visible, but is not here anymore, but a smaller prolonged building on the north side is present which is also on the image. Mansion is surrounded by park, where we can find children's swings mostly.
Currently the mansion is holding Institute for qualification and protection.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Spodnja Savinjska dolina", Založba Park, Ljubljana, 1992, ISBN /
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Lokovina 10
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N 46° 19.978' E 15° 13.128'


View from west, on the way to castle Dobrna
One of two historical towers, build in the 2nd half of 19th century or later as an extension, castle ruins in the background
Southern wall
Northern wall
Dobrna mansion, collored lithography with needle from Old Kaiser's Suite, around 1830