Brdo pri Lukovici (manor)
Eck, Egg, Egkh, Ekch

16th century

First mentioning of mansion Brdo was in 1436 as hof zu Ekch in Krain. In the year 1515 the mansion, then owned by noble Lambergs, was severly damaged by peasant resistance.
Heraldic inscription panel above the castle portal testifies of how in 1552 Janez and Andrej of Lamberg levelled down the old damaged building and built completely new one which gained a character of fortified renaissance mansion. Incription continues, that work was completed by Janez's son, Andrej of Črnel and Jabelj.
Lambergs were owners of mansion until 1622 and were followed by leaseholder Anton Petschauitz and then Hans Taller which later became owner of the mansion. After his death the mansion was inherited by Janez Ludvik count Hohenwart and in 1670 he sold the mansion to Feridnand Ernest baron Apfaltrer. In the mid-18th century ownership of the mansion went back to Lambergs. Janez Burger becomes owner of the mansion in 1803 and in 1883 owner becomes Slovenian notary and writer Janko Kersnik which was supposedly also born at the mansion. In the wall in the south-western tower a commemorative plaque dedicated to him was embedded in 1937 and renewed in 1952, at the centenary of his birth.
Brdo was once proud of its well managed park surroundings. A chestnut avenue which still exists today led to the mansion from the west. Directly related to the entrance of the castle there is a pond, a stone table, park plantation with domestic trees, etc...

Mansion Brdo is slowly being reconstructed by company "Gradbeno podjetje Bežigrad". The facility, unfortunately, is despite reconstruction unstoppably falling apart. Walking inside the mansion is dangerous, somewhere even impossible because the walls are still collapsing despite being held together by metal rods. Let me also mention than Ivan Stopar classifies Brdo as a mansion and Ivan Jakič agrees to classification of Brdo as a castle.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji - I. Gorenjska (Območje Kamnika in Kamniške Bistrice)", Viharnik, Ljubljana, 1997, ISBN 961-6057-12-X
Jakič, Ivan: "Vsi slovenski gradovi", DZS, 1999, ISBN 86-341-2325-1
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Brdo and surroundings (castle Brdo)
Občina Lukovica pri Domžalah - castle Brdo
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The mansion is not an appropriate place for events.
GPS coordinates:
N 46° 10.176' E 14° 41.083'


View of a mansion
West wall with entrance portal closed by oak doors
West wall of mansion, stone benches were once positioned to the right and to the left of the portal
Northern wall
North-west tower
Look to the inside of facility through one of opened passages
Heavily overgrown castle courtyard with piles of debris
Totally overgrown interior makesn free moving difficult or even impossible
Visible reconstruction of eastern and northern wall
Almost amazing view of a vegetation which flourished even on the top of the wall
At south wall, view to the west
Reconstructed northern wall
A beautyful three-storey arcade courtyard was once here, modelled by Brdo near Kranj and Krumperk near Domžale
Closed passage on ground floor at north wall (I can't find any information about it)
Eastern wall
Filled up subterranian basement above which were once dungeons according to testimonies
Renaissance castle portal marked by a circle motif with putlog holes in the corners and pomegranates on stilts above partially broken lintel
Armorial plate of counts Lamberg above portal
Remains of arcade hallway visible on the left
J. V. Valvasor, Topographia 1679