Boštanj (manor)

17th century

Former manor was located on the right bank of river Sava next to the road near Sevnica. Information about the time of origin cannot be found in sources but it is certain that it was already standing at the end of 17th century when it was depicted by Valvasor. It was probably erected by Lambergs, owners of old castle after which it became a property of Reffinger family. In 18th century it was a property of Lower Carniola's feudal lords Mordaxe. They were followed by Franc Ksaver Lichtenturn, their heir, in 1785 who sold the dominion in 1804 to Vincenc Klosenau. After 1843 it was owned by his daughters Klotilda Jelačič Busin and countess Ivana Coronini Cronberk and in 1849 its owner became count Henrik Bombelles. From 1885 onwards knight noble Janez Krstnik Benvenuti was owner of the estate, from 1858 it owner was officially knight Ludvik Gutmannshtal Benvenuti, from 1882 noble Franc Mayer Melnhof and from 1886 onwards count Adalbert Kottulinski who got the estate as a dowry from Mayer's daugter Teodora. Dr. Ivan Šušteršič, lawyer from Ljubljana has bought the manor along with the estate in 1903 and already in 1907 sold it to big landowner Jožef Ausch from Brezovica pri zagrebu and after WW I the manor was a property of merchant Jakil or his heirs.
On 10th of October, 1943 manor was burned down in the fights between partisans and Germans. It wasn't reconstructed after the war and stones were scattered around and used as building material. Castle chapel which was decaying for a long time finally saw some better times as reconstruction works began few years ago. No trace exists of its equipment and its former frescos.
Former manor's stables under the road are supposedly preserved, reconstructed and rearranged.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji - II. Dolenjska (Med Bogenšperkom in Mokricami), Viharnik, Ljubljana, 2001, ISBN 961-6057-28-6
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View of a place where once manor was located; on the right manor's chapel o St.Nicolai is visible which is currently under reconstruction
Some falsely believe that this building is a manor; it is actually caretakers house
Enlargement of postcard from 1903 on which a manor is still clearly visible
Valvasor's depiction of the manor along with ruins of a castle above