Beltinci (manor)

16th century

Mansion, build by Counts Banffy in the first half of 16th century was first mentioned in year 1605. In 1648 Counts Banffy sold the mansion to Count Franc Nadasdy and later, in 1671, mansion was acquired by Counts Szechenyi. Between 1695 and approximately 1730 the mansion was owned by Ebergenyi family and then up to year 1816 by Czaky family which were married into Ebergenyi family. Gyik family owned the mansion between 1816 and 1860, after that family Sina to year 1892 and finally Counts Zichy until 1945.

In the mansion, which is now under reconstruction, is a restaurant named "v Grajskem stolpu" ("In Castle's tower"), tourist info office ZTK Beltinci and exhibition of transmuranian health collection Beltinci.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Med Prekmurjem in porečjem Dravinje", Založba Park, Ljubljana, 1991, ISBN /
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N 46° 36.426' E 16° 13.969'


View from north-east direction
View of elbow-shaped southern tract with drum-tower
Northern facade
Single storey brick building with three drum-towers on corners is build as L-shaped ground surface with inwards elbow-shaped corners
Tract arcades in ground floor and first floor are leaned on masoned pillars; pillars on the first floor shape some sort of capitals on transition to arc
Sun clock in the storey of courtyard facade
The corridors in both storeys are cross-crest arched
Semicircular renaissance entrance portal caught in stone, rustic, rectangular frame
Round arrow-loops to the left and to the right of entrance portal
View of an arrow-loop from the inside, wooden frame can be seen
Towers, covered with conic roofs, are half of a storey higher than tracts
Masoned breakthrough on the top of embankment south-west from mansion
A pond located north-west from a mansion is a surrounded by a spacious, once neglected but now somehow better cared for park
Matthias Greischer ?, Justus van der Nypoort: Grad Beltinci, 1686, copper engraving, 17,2cm x 11,2cm